Social Company Responsibility

Our principles are based on promoting the consumption of healthy food, caring for the enviroment, and ultimately deliver a product in optimal conditions to the final consumer, so to collaborate to identify the social responsibility and commitment that involves adopting healthy lifestyles.

Our workers are aware of the importance of their work and responsibility in this process through various training including hygiene and health, remedial education, etc.. We understand that our work is a string in which each piece is essential to get a good final product.

Freshland has for their workers:

  • √ Studies leveling
  • √ Benefits and agreements with medical centers
  • √ Credit and discounts on books and Bicycle Shops
  • √ ACHS Affiliation (Chilean Safety Association)
  • √ Special Enrollment preference in Public Assistance
  • √ Elementary and Secondary leveling
  • √ Annual scholarship to students of better workers childrens
  • √ We promote solidarity in emergencies cases. Double the money raised by our employees
  • √ We support our surrounding communities with donations
  • √ We have the award: "Employee of the Month"