Our Farms

Fresh land Chile has more than 500 hectares, spread over 5 courses along the VI region, strategically located in high fertility soils.

The varieties produced in each have particular characteristics in terms of color, size and flavor, which allows us to optimally meet the requirements of various markets.

Our commitment has been implemented on all farms, the enviroment, monitoring the health and safety for workers

The Production of Fresh Land involves a series of practices designed to ensure the sanitary quality of food throughout the production chain until you reach the end consumer.

Within these practices we have incorporated principles of integrated management, reducing the minimum use of agrochemicals, thereby encouraging the application of organic products. All our sites are certified under the rules of protocol Globalgap.

Está ubicado en la zona de Machalí, próximo al río Cachapoal y destaca por la producción de kiwis, peras y uvas, entre los que sobresale la variedad de peras Coscia.