Who we are

...An enterprising's history

In 1965 Marcial Gonzalez Viera arrives to Santiago, Chile coming from Lanzarote (Spain). After years of work and effort he bought his first farm "El Parronal" situated in Chile's VI region. From that moment he started working in fruticulture, archieving soon considerable development and growth due to the acquisition of the farms "Las Delicias", "Las Torres", "El Grifo", and recently "Monte Claro".

That's how in 1992 Marcial Gonzalez founded "Fresh Land Chile S.A" to be able to export the Fresh Fruits grown at their farms and to supervise the entire production process, packaging and exportation of their produces.

quality standards have been implemented to ensure that fruits arrive in perfect condition at their destination market. All our farms are certified under good agricultural practices protocol of european community Globalgap. In addition to compliance for specific markets of other standards.

Currently, Fresh Land Chile S.A is a family owned company, which working with a specialized team of professionals has reached an important growth and international recognition.

Corporative Values

  • Passion
  • Excellence
  • Inclusion
  • Generosity
  • Differentiation
  • The fruit moves our world
  • We deliver the best of each
  • We distinguish at teamwork
  • At all times in our life and work
  • Each of our products are unique

Freshland Vision

To be recognized in the world market for fresh fruit, as a company that prioritizes the quality of its products, services and creating teams excellence.

Mission and positioning

Fresh Land's mission is to produce and export fresh fruit under the highest quality standards, respecting the environment and social welfare, delivering a product under optimum conditions in your target markets.

Fresh Land Chile, is recognized in the market for fresh fruit, as a company that prioritizes the quality of their services and products.


We have all the infrastructure needed for optimal management of our fruit, heated packings, automatic processing of pome, stone fruit and kiwi, controlled atmosphere chambers, gasification, phosphine, refrigerators with cold pre cameras and maintenance lines.